Dr. Alireza Bazargan

Alireza Bazargan



Dr. Alireza Bazargan was born in Tehran in 1985, and moved to Canada with his family as a toddler. After spending his childhood and teenage years in North America, he moved back to Iran and participated in the highly competitive nationwide university entrance exam. By being ranked in the top 2% among hundreds of thousands of participants, Dr. Bazargan was admitted into the Chemical Engineering program of Sharif University of Technology, the most prestigious technical university in the country. Near the end of his BSc, he visited TU Kaiserslautern, Germany, for a term as a research intern working on the synthesis of hydrogels for pollution sorption.

After completion of his undergraduate studies, Dr. Bazargan was awarded the prestigious TOTAL scholarship for MSc studies at Ecole des Mines de Nantes, a prominent engineering school (grand ecole) in the west of France. At Ecole des Mines (now IMT Atlantique), Dr. Bazargan enrolled in the Project Management for Environmental and Energy Engineering program (PM3E) where he completed every single one of his credits with honors. After finishing the courses, in order to expand his horizons, Dr. Bazargan decided to travel east to Hong Kong, where he wrote his thesis on waste processing and recycling.

Subsequently, Dr. Bazargan turned down a PhD admission offer from Oxford University, so that he could continue his research at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology with a full scholarship under the supervision of one of the most cited Chemical Engineers of all time: prof. Gordon McKay. Dr. Bazargan’s PhD research aimed at producing valuable materials and useful products from a wide variety of solid wastes. In addition, the topic of water and wastewater treatment, and more specifically, oil spill remediation with sorbents was more closely examined. During his PhD, Dr. Bazargan obtained an additional scholarship to carry out a chapter of his work at the University of Cambridge. At Cambridge, he worked under the supervision of Dr. Sarah Rough, where he produced and tested biomass fuel pellets for renewable energy applications, as well as creating pellets for heavy metal adsorption in water and wastewater treatment. Dr. Bazargan obtained his PhD degree in January 2015.

Thus far, Dr. Bazargan has authored more than 50 academic publications and conference presentations. He is the recipient of numerous awards and scholarships, including top instructor, best paper, best presentation, gold medal and the “International Young Waste Researcher Award” in 2015. His track record has also been evaluated and approved by the “National Elites Foundation” which awarded him the esteemed Kazemi Ashtiani prize in 2017. Dr. Bazargan’s first edited book, A Multidisciplinary Introduction to Desalination (2018), was the #1 Best Seller in Environmental Engineering new releases on

Currently, Dr. Bazargan is a faculty member at the Environmental Engineering group at the Department of Civil Engineering at K.N. Toosi University of Technology, Iran’s oldest technological university. In addition, he is a lecturer at the Graduate Faculty of the Environment of Tehran University. Dr. Bazargan’s research and teaching interests cover areas of environmental and energy engineering, with a focus on the three realms of water, energy and waste. Dr. Bazargan is also a Series Editor for River Publishers (Delft, the Netherlands) in Chemical, Environmental, and Energy Engineering. As Series Editor, he is responsible for inviting high quality prospective authors, and reviewing incoming book proposals.

Meanwhile, Dr. Bazargan is an independent consultant to various companies. Most notably, since 2015, he has been an R&D and Business Development Advisor at NVCO (Iran’s biggest investor in reverse osmosis desalination). Other clients have included STEP Ltd. (as the exclusive representative of the company in Iran) and MAPNA (one of the middle east’s largest engineering companies, valued at over 1 billion $USD).